Getting Your Car Painted

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Four Flats And A Tow: What Happens When Your Truck Has Flat Tires And Needs A Tow

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At one point or another, everyone ends up on the receiving end of a nasty prankster or a vengeful lover, and then your truck or car suffers. Your vehicle is an easy target, especially when you leave it outside or on the street all night. Four slashed tires is a rough way to start or end your day, but at least truck towing exists to help you out. Just follow these steps when you discover the flat tires and everything will work out okay. Read More»

How To Conveniently Maintain Proper Tire Pressure

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Some types of automobile maintenance are easily performed by the vehicle owner. Checking the level of air pressure in the tires is fairly straightforward, but the practice is often neglected. Tire maintenance, like having correct tire pressure, is not just for safety or to prolong tire life. Properly inflated tires are proven to save money by cutting the cost of driving. Gas mileage can be increased by as much as 3 percent by maintaining the correct level of pressure in your tires. Read More»

Recognizing When It's Time To Replace Your Brakes

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Being able to drive a vehicle from one place to another can help you reduce your commute time, but a vehicle can quickly become dangerous if it is not properly maintained. Having the ability to bring your vehicle safely to a stop is critical when it comes to the safety of your commute. Here are three signs that you can be watching for that will help you determine when it is time to replace your brakes in the future. Read More»

Three Career Options for Adventurous Retirees

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If you’re like many modern retirees, you have no intention of slowing down once you close your office door for the last time – you want to tackle new challenges and explore new horizons. You may also have a strong desire to remain in the workforce on at least a part-time basis, but like most retirees, you want to work on your own terms rather than hitch your star to a traditional employer. Read More»