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Four Flats And A Tow: What Happens When Your Truck Has Flat Tires And Needs A Tow

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At one point or another, everyone ends up on the receiving end of a nasty prankster or a vengeful lover, and then your truck or car suffers. Your vehicle is an easy target, especially when you leave it outside or on the street all night. Four slashed tires is a rough way to start or end your day, but at least truck towing exists to help you out. Just follow these steps when you discover the flat tires and everything will work out okay.

When You Call for a Truck Tow, Tell Them What You Have

Unless you specify that a) you have a truck, and b) that all four tires have been slashed and made flat, the towing company may send the wrong kind of truck. That creates the sort of delay that makes everybody anxious. When you call for the tow, make sure you mention that you need truck towing, and that your truck cannot freely roll down the street on two tires. Then the towing company can send a flatbed tow truck, or offer to send two fresh tires and a truck towing truck. (If you accept the offer of the tires, you will have to pay for them up front.)

Call the Police to File a Report While You Wait

Since tow trucks for towing trucks and flatbed tow trucks often need extra time to reach you, call the police. You will need, and should, fill out a police report for the prank or the vengeful act. Then the police can track down your ex, or ask around for witnesses in your neighborhood. A victim of crime entitles you to reimbursement for what you spend in damages, if the criminal is found and convicted.

Call the Insurance Company 

Your insurance company may cover some of the damages, or at least cover your tow. It depends on the kinds of coverage you have on your truck. At any rate, they should know about the incident in the event that you have to spend hundreds of dollars repairing the damages.

Stand Clear of the Tow Truck When It Arrives

When the tow truck arrives, stand clear. If you opt not to buy a couple of tires on the spot, your truck will have to be winched onto the flatbed tow truck. That is not easy, considering the wheels, tires and potential extra damage to the rims. However, the tow truck driver always makes sure that your truck and the flatbed are very close to reduce any issues with hoisting and securing the truck on the tow truck.