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Auto AC And Broken Compressor Issues

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The HVAC system of a car allows you to enjoy absolute comfort in the car irrespective of the weather outside. It could be sub zero temperatures and snowing outside but the inside of your car feels nice, warm and toasty. Conversely when the sun is out with a vengeance and the air is hot and humid outside, your car is the perfect refuge because when you put on the AC the air is refreshingly cool and crisp.

It is quite distracting to be driving in freezing temperatures with rattling teeth and knocking knees from sheer cold or sweating a river from the summer's sweltering heat. In fact, you are likely to make avoidable mistakes very easily. If your HVAC has is not functioning properly it may is definitely time to see a mechanic for auto AC repair for your safety and that of other motorists and road users.

How the HVAC Works

Having a little knowledge into the basic working of the air conditioner might help you understand exactly what the problem might be when your auto AC repair mechanic explains it to you.

The first thing to understand is the fact that your HVAC system has three functions in your vehicle.

  • Cooling the interior of your car

  • Defrosting the windshield

  • Heating the interior of the car

These three modes work in tandem to form an AC system. The AC heating and cooling is controlled by a dial or button that can be used to increase or decrease heat or cool air. This is usually somewhere on your dashboard.

The air conditioning unit is composed of four basic parts, namely the compressor, condenser, evaporator, and blower motor. Certainly, any of them can break. However, in many cases where the AC is faulty, it may be the result of a faulty compressor. Signs of a faulty or failing compressor include:

  • The temperature of the cabin being higher than normal

  • The compressor clutch not be moving

  • Loud noises when the compressor is running

While other components of the HVAC are easier to fix, the compressor is the heart of the car AC system and although it is not impossible to fix it will need a  good mechanic who is familiar with auto AC repair. It is ideal to consult a car AC repair specialist. Whichever mechanic you choose, make sure they have plenty of experience and, hopefully, experience repairing broken compressors.Start with a car AC inspection and fix any issues you find.